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How to Use Top 10 Free Google Tools 2019

How to Use Top 10 Free Google Tools 2019

How to Use Top 10 Free Google Tools 2019

Free Google Tools 2019: Guys In today's article we are going to tell you about the Top 10 Free Google Tools 2019 provided by Google, which you can use for free and can make your work easier.

Today, people all over the world know and use Google, so that's why Google World no. 1 Service Provider and Business Marketer, most of which are free tools. Yes, we all want our work to be done quickly and easily, for which we do not have to spend money and even trusted Ho.

With all these characteristics Google came to our attention, initially Google was just a search engine but today's world. 1 The search engine has been created, the reasons are Google's free tools, from today we are telling you about the best and profitable tools in your free Google Tools 2019 article.

Top 10 Free Google Tools 2019

1. Google Chrome Browser

Today you use Google Chrome in your Desk Top, Lap Top, Mobile Phone and Tablet, but do you know that Light Weight, Fast Searching, Instant Trusted Result from Google Chrome is not another browser.

Along with this, it is a browser where you can print any webpage as well as save to PDF file, so that you can save your data. Simultaneously, Google Chrome is a browser that provides service to install Extension and use them.

Bookmarking System provides the best Google Chrome only, and you can easily find services such as Ad Block, Incognito, and History, Download History, making your Internet Surfing easy and you can easily accomplish your work. Can.

2. Google Translate

Many times we do not have content available in our local language on the internet, due to which we have a little problem understanding things, but with the help of Google's other tool Google Translate, this problem cures a lot.

Because in Google Translate, you have a translation facility of 102 languages, in which you can convert the contents of the available Langauge to the other available Langauge.

Along with this, if you do not like typing and if you want to write some pages, you can convert your Speach to Text Format using Google Translate, so that you do not have to write and your work is completed fast.

3. Google Docs

Now if you want to create Office Work or Project Work and want to share it with others through a link, then Google Docs is a very useful tool for you. Because Google Docs offers you the facility to create a Text Document.

Its interface is approximately M.S. Similar to Office, you can also use Heading, Bold, Italic and Different Fonts. This makes you much easier to do online work and you can easily share your documents with your friends. Free Google Tools 2019

4. Gmail

Now Google also gives you Facility to share the document online. Google gives you the facility of email, under which you can directly share data of 20 MB or if your data is more MB or GB then you can send that data to Google Drive via Gmail and send it through Gmail.

Here we can tell you that Gmail is used today for the most email marketing in the world.

5.Google Drive

Google Drive, provided by Google, offers you the convenience of maintaining your Documents so that you can easily save your Personal Documents and if you send a Document File or a Large Number of Files to any of your friends You can still use Google Drive if you want to.

Here Google Drive offers Facility for free up to 16 GB of the data store, and if you want to increase this limit, you need to pay, but there is a free space of 16 GB.

6. Blogger 

Now if you want to share your knowledge or experience with the whole world, then in the text format, Blogger is the best free tool for you. Using which you can create your own free blog, and share your knowledge and experience with the whole world.

Because you are sharing your knowledge with the whole world, Google gives you the opportunity to earn Earning for it, in which you have to join Google Adsense and you can monetize your blog using Adsense and Money can also earn.

7. YouTube

Initially, YouTube was not a product of Google, but seeing Google's popularity and use today Google has purchased YouTube and now YouTube is a service provided by Google.

Today YouTube is the second most popular Search Engine in the world, but on YouTube, you only get content in Video Format. Today anyone can create a channel for free on YouTube, upload your videos to YouTube, and share it with the world.

Here also you get the benefit of Adsense so that you can monetize your YouTube channel and earn money from your videos.

8. Google Adsense

We mentioned Google Adsense in the paragraphs of Blogger and YouTube and told you that you can monetize your content using it. In fact, Google Adsense is an Advertisement Network where advertisers from around the world run their advertisements by paying.

But Advertise is most essential for Audience, therefore Provides the facility of Monetization on Google Blog and YouTube. With which you can create content and Adsense can run advertisements on them, which helps both Google and you.

9. Google Maps

Google Map is a type of online map in which you get all the information from Current Location to Destination before you were just told the paths and timings of the pedestrian, car, and train but now it has also been added to Bike Riders. is. Which gives you information about the paths in an unknown place.

With this you are given Proper Guidance, such as Turn right, Turn left, etc. Today due to Google Map, you can go to any city or state. You do not have to ask any other road.

10. Google Play Store

As most people use Android phones, therefore, the most problem is that how to download Android apps in free, Google has provided the convenience of the Play Store, in which you can easily access any Android App Can find and use it by downloading.

Thus Free Play Google Play Store has a very strong role in 2019 and today millions of Android users can use Android Apps in Play Store.

In Conclusion of Free Google Tools 2019

In this Best Free Google Tools 2019 article, we have told you only about important and useful tools, which can make your daily life a lot easier. Also, let us know that Google offers many such free Google Tools 2019.

Hope this article will be very useful to you and if you use the tools mentioned in this article, then the article is informative, then share it with your friends Thank you very much.