Sunday, February 24, 2019

Best YouTube Tips 2019: How To Get More Subscribers YouTube Tips 2019

YouTube Tips 2019: Youtube's craze is far above any other thing. And after the Google Search Engine, most people use a search engine if they are one of them. YouTube

Since the arrival of Jio in India, the use of YouTube has increased even more in India.

Well, there are many free and paid ways to increase subscribers on the YouTube channel, from which we will talk about free methods today.

How To Get More Subscribers YouTube Tips 2019

Best YouTube Tips 2019: How To Get Subscribers On Youtube Fast

1.) Create Good Content

If you want to grow on YouTube then it is most important for you. You create good content.

People will only subscribe to your channel when they will like your videos. Would you like to subscribe to a channel that bore you? Similarly, you have to make good content too.

How to create good content? : If you have this question in your mind too. What is the good content of So let's see the sign of good content?

Content should not be boring. You have to create such types of videos if it is 5 minutes long. So people could see the whole 5 minutes without bore him.

Try making HD videos. Blurry and useless print videos create a negative image in people's mind. Which can reduce your subscribers?

Use good audio quality People will understand your video only when you use good audio that does not have any other type of noise. (YouTube Tips 2019)

2.) Facebook Group Promotion

The easiest and useful way to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel is to share your videos in the Facebook group. By doing so you can easily reach people of your interest. You do not even need to spend the money.


First of all, you have to join your YouTube channel niche to join the same Facebook group. Like if your channel is related to the product review. Then you can join groups connected to Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart.

Now you have to link the link to your videos to those groups. If you want to look professional then do not ask for subscribe to people. If they like your content, they will automatically subscribe to your channel. (YouTube Tips 2019)

3.) Regular Content Post

If you do not upload regular content, your gained subscribers will also become inactive. This is what it means. You will not get many views on your videos even after you have a lot of subscribers. So fix your time when you will put a video.

Like: You can walk 2 videos in a week or a month in 6 months with a goal of 6 videos.

Think of yourself that you have subscribed to a channel. But he is not posting something new from a lot of months, and whenever he grabs it. You do not like his videos and you do not want to see him on his timeline. In such a way, you will also feel that you can unsubscribe that channel. Therefore it is very important to put regular good content.

If you can not do this then we will not advise you to come to YouTube. Any work should be done with heart, whether it is games, studies or videos for youtube. (YouTube Tips 2019)

4.) Ask Other YouTube

If you are starting a new channel, first add 10 good quality videos and then request other YouTube users to promote your channel.

This will happen only when other users will like your content. So try to make sure that whatever videos you put on your channel are of good quality and quality.

In the same way, you can also request to promote any video of your channel by message to Facebook page admins. (YouTube Tips 2019)

5.) Share For Share

Instead of promoting others' channels on your channel, you can promote your channel on their channel.

Most new users extend their subscribers only by following this trick. To do this, you can join subscriber exchange groups.

6.) Youtube SEO

The more ways given above are artificial subscribers, but with the help of YouTube SEO, you find the organic subscribers.

This is one of the most useful ways. Ranking your videos at the top Doing so increases views on your video. And if your content feels good to people So these views turn into Subscribers.

In this, you have to research keywords, watch time, analytics, subscriber gain/loss etc.

YouTube SEO is a very big field. Which you can not understand in one night It's as useful. Many times harder than that. If you are an individual creator then you may find it difficult to do so many things together. (YouTube Tips 2019)

What is YouTube SEO?

The way Google SEO websites are used to rank. Similarly, YouTube is used to rank SEO videos.

Google wants Its users to get only videos with good content, to identify who has created some algorithms. Understanding these algorithms and growing according to their own channel is called YouTube SEO.

1.) YouTube Keyword Research

You have to use keywords that people use to search for videos.

If you have a new brand And your video is related to that. So you can not enter the keyword in the keyword and rank it in the keyword That's why QQ is your brand new. And nobody knows about its name. In this way, people will not search by your brand name.

If your brand is related to the car. So you have to keep this kind of keywords related to cars like "best car in the world", "top 10 sports car". And at the end of every video, you have to promote your brand.

2.) Video Shares

Winning more shares will get your video, the more your video will get a positive signal. This is what it means. Your reputation will grow in Google's view. When they are very good. So you share YouTube videos on a platform like Facebook and ask people to share it as much as possible.

3.) Video Length

if you think. Your video is more informational. And less interesting. So you try to make you peak videos. Doing so will keep your watch time up. If you create long videos then there are chances. Let's close the people before seeing it in full. This will give Google a signal that your content is not interesting. And your videos will not rank.


If you have to grow on YouTube then you have to grow on YouTube. So you have to maintain restraint. Your channel will not have millions of subscribers overnight. For this, you have to work hard and learn by mistake. Although competition on YouTube has increased a lot, if you follow this YouTube Tips 2019, it will be easier to grow somewhere.

Do not increase subscriber in wrong ways. From this, Google can understand your channel's spam spreading channel. And your videos will not rank further.